Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've got a new band in my Hometown

Well here I am back in my hometown. I met this guy singer called Asep. He can sing exactly like Glenn Fredly. He is the karaoke king for sure. A lot of times me, my cousins and some of our friends go to karaoke together with him. We don't feel like singing when he is singing, depressed huh, haha. Well then he can play guitar and sing as well. Afterward, me, my cousin and him, we want to play in a band.
Here we go, i play guitar, my cousin sing and Asep play bass. We need a drummer, I remember my cousin Albert can play drum. Well I SMS him and ask whether he wants to try to jam with us. He agreed. We jammed, and it turned out quite well for first jam.
Looking forward for more jamming.

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