Friday, January 23, 2009

My band songs in self-released "Live Jam in the Band Shop" Album..

..has been recorded and mastered early of this month. Proud of our work, despite of some technical mistake that we make, but overall we like it!

Consisted of 3 songs: Shattered, There's a Price to Pay to be a Rockstar (long title huh?),which is the song that we used in the video "When Rockers were young.." made by Syakir, and Cut me up. We have put the songs in our band myspace page,

..and we want to thank Nash from Band Shop recording studio! It was great and fun to work with you!

So don't forget to check our myspace page in:


Keep on Rocking!


1 comment:

  1. interesting blog. u guys r inspirational!!!!!

    the situation is difficult but u never give up.

    i'm also in a college band. i can relate to the problem of trying to live my passion. for me is having to meet my parents' expectation.

    but people like u reminds me that we have to live our life. I know many people who has decided to do just that. u r one of them.

    i hope u never give up and settle for less.

    here is an article by another person who is living his dreams. I hope it keeps u encouraged.

    I will be telling my parents of my dreams and won't take no for an answer.

    lets all wish each other luck.

    live ur dream. may the Lord bless us all...